Sunday, December 15, 2013

20 Easy Homemade Gifts That Your Friends and Family Will Love

It’s the holiday season,  I bet many of you have started, or even completed, your Christmas shopping already.  If you haven’t, no need to panic, Christmas is only, well, 10 days away!  Yikes!  Often, I found myself procrastinating, especially shopping for those friends and family members who has, just about, everything!!!  It really makes it harder to shop for them.  So, here’s an easy solution for you.  Homemade gifts that are fun and unique.  For sure that’s something money can’t buy because you put your time and love into them.  I have 20 easy homemade gift idea for you, just in time! 

Homemade Lavender Bath Salts

1) Lavender Bath Salts
This is by far my most pinned picture on Pinterest and the most popular post.  As you can see, it’s super gorgeous.  And I personally love it so much because it helps me relax, de-stress, leave my skin super soft and smelling great after a soak.  Click here for the recipe and step-by-step pictorial on how to make it.

Meyer Lemon Sugar Scrub

2) Meyer Lemon Sugar Scrub

It’s the Meyer Lemon season and I hope that you’ll take advantage of it and make this scrub.  There are only 4 natural ingredients in this scrub and it’ll leave your skin soft, silky and smelling wonderful after just one use, even in this dry winter season.  It only take minutes to put together, perfect for the last minute gift-giving.  Please click here for the recipe. 

Homemade Hot Oil Hair Treatment

3) Homemade Hot Oil Hair Treatment

It’s easy to put together and you can use ingredients that suit your hair’s needs.  I recommend that you double the recipe and keep a jar for yourself too!  You’re going to love your shinny and gorgeous hair after using this treatment.   Please click here for the recipe and step-by-step pictorial.

Picture Magnets—Sentimental Homemade Gifts

4) Picture Magnets

I think these are the perfect gifts for the Grandparents or some relatives that you don’t see often.  I love having my kids pictures on the fridge and I’m sure many of you will agree.  These Picture Magnets are easy to make, so have your materials ready and your little elves, I mean little ones can help you with the process.  Please click here for the step-by-step pictorial.

Home Made Cocoa Mix and Frozen Hot Chocolate

5) Homemade Hot Cocoa Mix

How can a foodie, like yours truly, not include an edible homemade gift?  This 4-ingredients Homemade Hot Cocoa Mix is super easy to put together and makes the perfect and most heart warming (and tummy warming too) gift of the season!  Please click here for the recipe.

Boozy Framboise Guimauve Pops (Raspberry Marshmallow)

6) Boozy Framboise Guimauve Pops

You do see more edible gift options coming, right?  I bet you did! 

If you’re feeling a little adventurous, try your hands on these Boozy Framboise Guimauve Pops.  I love marshmallows, but not the packaged kind.  Once you've tried the homemade version, I promise you won’t buy the packaged one either.  Please click here for the recipe, including a kids friendly version as well.   

Chocolate Marshmallows

7) Homemade Dark Chocolate Marshmallow

These Dark Chocolate Marshmallows are totally chocolate lover’s dream come true.  They are chocolate-y, decadent and Oh-So-Good with a cup of hot cocoa.  So, you can make the Hot Cocoa Mix from #5 above along with these yummy treats.  Please click here for the recipe.

Halloween Party Spoons

8) Chocolate Party Spoons

I made these Chocolate Party Spoons in Halloween themes.  But you can easily switch out the sprinkles into something more Christmas-y.  You can use disposable plastic/wooden spoons, wrap them in individual treat bags and tie them with ribbons to make them more festive and easier to transfer.  Please click here for the recipe.

Meyer Lemon Curd With Vanilla Sugar

9) Meyer Lemon Curd with Vanilla Sugar

This is one of the condiment I have in my fridge all the time.  It’s amazing on toast, cookies, or as fillings in these Meyer Lemon Meringue TartletsPlease click here for the recipe.  

Orange Marmalade

10) Orange Marmalade with Meyer Lemon

I made these in a low sugar version so they are not overly sweet as some of the bottled ones out there.  The addition of Meyer Lemons in this Marmalade is truly amazing and brightens up the flavors as well.  Please click here for the recipe.

Orange Curd—Sunshine in a Bowl

11) Orange Curd

How about sending some sunshine away?  This easy and refreshing Orange Curd will sure make the recipients feel like you've just sent him/her some sunshine.  Bright, refreshing and delicious.  Please click here for the recipe.

Almond Cookie Crisps

12) Almond Cookie Crisps

You didn't think I left out cookies from my Homemade gifts, right?  These Almond Cookie Crisps are some of my Kids favorites.  Be sure to make extra batch for your family to enjoy too.  Recipe here.

Snow Ball Cookies

13) Snow Ball Cookies

These Snow Ball Cookies are my holiday favorites.  I've been giving them away on holidays and parties and everyone loves them.  I’m sure you and your family will enjoy them a lot too.  Please click here for the recipe.

Triple Chocolate Almond Cookies

14) Triple Chocolate Almond Cookies

Triple Chocolate Almond Cookies are better than your average chocolate chips cookies.  You do get triple chocolate-y with these goodies and a batch is enough to feed the army!  They are crunchy outside and slightly chewy inside.  Please click here for the recipe.

Butter Cookies with Chocolate Chips

15) Butter Cookies

These Butter Cookies are truly, buttery.  You can leave out the chocolate chip on top if you have friends who doesn't like chocolate.  But really, I haven’t met anyone dislike chocolate with cookies.  Please click here for the recipe.

Chocolate Sables

16) Chocolate Sables

These Chocolate Sables are elegant, buttery, melt-in-your-mouth, and chocolate-y.  That pretty up sums up everything about these beauties.  They might look complicated to make but actually quite easy.  Click here for the step-by-step pictorial and recipe.

Lemon Scented Thumbprint Cookies

17) Lemon Scented Thumbprint Cookies

Now you've got the curds and Marmalade recipes from above, it’s time to make these beautiful Lemon Scented Thumbprint Cookies.  Imagine the refreshing lemon curds and orange marmalade filled inside these buttery and flaky cookies, each bite is heavenly.  Please click here for the recipe.

Candied Pecans

18) Candied Pecans

If you’re not into cookies, try your hands on these Candied Pecans.  They are slightly sweet, nutty and super easy to make.  Best of all, no special equipment needed.  All you need is a bowl and a spoon, toss your ingredients together and put them in the oven.  Please click here for the recipe.

Dark Chocolate Covered Hazelnut with Fleur de Sel

19) Dark Chocolate Covered Hazelnut with Fleur de Sel

I love the flavor combination of hazelnuts and dark chocolate together.  These are so much fun to eat and to make.  Yup, I’m sure your kids would love to help you out with these cuties.  Please click here for the recipe and step-by-step pictorial.

Mediant with Fleur de Sel

20) Mendiant with Fleur de Sel

Last but not least, Mediant with Fleur de Sel.  They are simply chocolate disks topped with dried fruit and toasted nuts.  The beauty of these Mendiant is that you can top them with any thing your heart desires.  Please click here for the recipe, and the post also include a link with the step-by-step pictorial on how to temper chocolate.

I hope you enjoy today's post and like these easy Homemade Gift Ideas.  I'm sure your family and friends would love to receive some goodies from you and appreciate that you spend the time to make them something decadent and thoughtful.  Until next time please take care.


  1. Hi Amy, very impressive posting and gift idea. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful idea. I love the Lavender bath salt. Excellent pictures.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Really great roundup of homemade gift ideas! Some really winners here - thanks so much.

  3. Happy Holidays~
    So many pretty treats here:)

  4. You are right...when we are in a dilemma what to buy for friends when they almost have everything, the best solution is to make something homemade instead. And now you have tempted me to make some of this yummy delights for myself instead. Happy holidays...

  5. Wonderful ideas here Amy. Thank you so much!

  6. Fantastic gift ideas, Amy. Have a wonderful week ahead!

  7. What a great post, Amy! Everything looks delicious and I sure love your photography. Happy Holidays!

  8. Hello Amy, thank you for these wonderful ideas.

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    Happy holidays for you and your family.

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    Lovely and HAPPY HOLIDAYS>

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    Those chocolate marshmallows thrill me! Xxx

  12. wonderful ideas...sure a best for friends and family...sorry dear could not catch up long time, now am back on track

  13. Your gift guide is awesome! I'm thinking of making some lavender salt. I have a few packs of lavender flowers that have been sitting there forever. Pretty!


  14. So pretty and gorgeous your suggestions Amy!

  15. Beautiful round-up of gifting ideas! The lavender salt is so pretty.

  16. Hey Amy these are wonderful and great ideas for gifts to people who have everything! I needed these so badly. It's so funny I made some of these goodies, especially the edible ones years ago and never thought to bring them back to give as gifts again. Thanks for a beautiful reminder ! xxoo Anna

  17. WOw! Amazing ideas for gifts indeed! I love the lavendar salts, they are too pretty to be used! of course those edible gifts would be very much welcomed too:D

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  19. Fantastic ideas! Thank you so much for sharing all these with us. Some sweet treats look too delicious to leave my house though ;-)

  20. Wow! Fantastic ideas! I love them all. I will keep them in my file and use next year, or for birthday gift idea. Every photos are amazingly pretty. I enjoyed it very much.
    Wishing you a very Happy Christmas!


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