Welcome to U Try It, a blog devoted to food, family, food styling, photography, travel, restaurant reviews, hotel reviews, product reviews and life.

This is Amy. I've been reading and following many food blogs for years. Writing one of my own? I was skeptical. That's the reason why I didn't start this blog sooner. What made me change my mind? There were two reasons. First, I've entered a few recipe contests in the past few months and received great reviews. My recipe was featured on the spotlight by the website's host, and received prizes on recipes I submitted. It's such a happy and warm feeling to know people like my recipes and creations. I just want to share with many more readers out there. Another reason was because of my husband. He encourages and supports me to get started with this blog, something I should have done a long time ago.

So here we are! In this blog, I'll share my latest recipes, tips with kids, reviews on hotels and restaurants, photography and so much more. After YOU read it, please TRY IT and let me know what you think.