Sunday, January 4, 2015

Wähfles Desserts and Coffee—Restaurant Review

Wähfles Desserts and Coffee

As much as I love homemade treats, it’s nice to dine out and try new things every once in a while.  One of the weekends while we were on the road, we were all super hungry and it was time for afternoon tea.  So, I went on one of the restaurant review site to see what’s closed by around where we were at that time.  That’s how I discovered Wähfles Desserts and Coffee!

Wähfles Desserts and Coffee

It’s a cute little café that mainly serves waffles, both savory and sweet, plus some specialty drinks, teas, and coffee.  The rating of this café was pretty good so we decided to give it a try.  This place was clean and organized.  Plus, the table setting were not crowded at all.  The server and cashier were very friendly and willing to help with our questions and selections as well.   First, we tried their Iced Mocha, it was pretty yummy!  The chocolate and coffee flavors balanced well and not overly sweet.  I guess the key is to use good quality coffee and chocolate!

Wähfles Desserts and Coffee
One of the items that the restaurant review site recommended was the Crème Brulee Waffle (see picture below).  Unfortunately, we didn’t like it at all.  We couldn't really taste the “brulee” part and the edges were quite burnt and dried.  So disappointing!

Wähfles Desserts and Coffee

My Hubby chose the “create your own” option and he ordered a full size serving (see picture below).  The waffle was wonderfully crisp while the center was tender.  He selected chocolate sauce, chocolate chips, walnuts, and whipped cream.  It was an awesome combination and we finished this one in no time!

Wähfles Desserts and Coffee

My Little boy ordered a half size “create your own” waffle.  He selected Maple syrup, chocolate chips, fresh strawberries, and whipped cream.  We didn’t taste his but according to Little Foodie, it was very delicious as well!

Wähfles Desserts and Coffee

If you’re in the area and craving for coffee or some afternoon treats, this is quite a fun place to visit.  I can’t wait to go back and try some of their other specialty drinks and savory waffles, too!  I hope you like today’s post.  Stay tuned for more fun recipes and restaurant review in the near future.

More information about the restaurant:
Wähfles Desserts and Coffee
5751-B North Pine Ave
Chino Hills
California 91709
(909) 597-7787

Restaurant Review Disclaimer: restaurant reviews are solely based on our experience at each restaurant we visit.   They were just our opinions. and its owner were not compensated in any way to dine at these restaurants nor to write reviews.


  1. Crème Brulee Waffle!!!!!!!
    H E A V EN ))) !! xx

    1. hehe...unfortunately, the Creme Brulee one was the most disappointing one. :P Maybe I should make my own and see how it goes.

  2. Happy New Year to you and your family! Seems like waffles are taking the world by storm. There are many places serving waffles here too.