Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Chocolate and Hazelnut Meringue Cake

As “promised” from my previous post, there will be another birthday celebration.  This round is for my loving Mother-in-law’s birthday.  It also falls onto the Labor Day long weekend.  So, we celebrated her birthday with a “sleep over” at my in-law’s place.  I’m sure you all recognized this cake.  Yes, it’s another Chocolate and Hazelnut Meringue Cake.  Sorry if I disappointed you for not making something new for my Mother-in-law’s birthday.  But this cake is just so delicious that I have to make it one more time in such a short period of time.  Not to mention, my Mother-in-law is also a chocolate lover!  I guess it runs in the family! hehehe…

Valrhona Chocolate
Of course, I used the best chocolate I can get.  This time with some chopping to do since the market ran out of those in small chips size.  I think the cake looks better this time around, too.  Don’t you think? 

Chocolate and Hazelnut Meringue Cake
To make it up to you for not having a new cake recipe on this post, I’ll share more pictures with you that I took over the weekend.  Did I mention that there are a few dozens of fruit trees at my in-law’s place?  So, I picked some fruits that are in season.  Unfortunately, my little boy got a fever over the weekend and he was not allowed to go outside (the outside temperature was 110 degree Fahrenheit).  Otherwise, he would be my fruit picking buddy.  Here are some of the harvests: juicy peaches, sweet figs and tart apples….

Fresh Picked Fruits

These peaches are so sweet and juicy.  Look at that vibrant color.  I love it!


Fresh Peaches
Really hate to see food going to waste!  So, I picked a basket full of peaches, maybe I’ll make some preserves out of them later on. 
The picture below is a Meyer Lemon.  It’s a cross between a lemon and a mandarin.  They’re not only great for cookies and cakes, but also really nice in savory dishes, marinates and vinaigrettes. 

Meyer Lemon

This is the flower from the Michelia tree (白蘭花).  You can smell its fragrant whenever you walk by.  The color of the flower should be ivory.  Somehow, this one turned into orange.    

These figs are super sweet.  They’re really good as is, excellent when you put them into Chinese soup, and divine if you wrap them with prosciutto!   Yup, another basket full! 

Fresh Figs

Not too sure what kind of apples these are.  They’re a bit too tart and firm to be eaten fresh.  Guess they’ll be really good in apple tarts/pies.

Up next, I was eying these pomegranate.  They’re not really ripe yet.  Not until the end of this month.  So, I’ll be visiting my in-laws again, soon.  Please wait for me, pomegranate!!!


It’s such a luxury to have the freshest fruits whenever you want them, right off the trees from the backyard.  Not many people are as fortunate as we do to have this garden of plants and fruits.  I truly appreciate and cherish it.  Once again, thank you Mother- and Father-in-law!

Fresh Picked Fruits

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