Thursday, May 24, 2012


“Ice cream cone”

Do you use Instagram? I only started recently! I know, where have I been, right? I’m so glad that I did because I am loving it! All the images from this post were edited with Instagram’s easy to use photo edit functions and then shared onto my Twitter and Facebook (personal) accounts. No, this is NOT a sponsored post, in case if you wonder. Smile I just love this program so much and can’t resist but to share with you, that’s all.

“Today's lunch--Roasted shrimps, asparagus and parsnips salad with Meyer lemon vinaigrette.”

If you’re interested in following me on Instagram, my user name is AmyTong_
Yes, my name with an underscore “_” at the back since my name was already taken when I registered.  What’s the benefit of following me there?  You got a sneak peak on recipes that I haven’t post on this blog yet. Such as the very first picture on this post, the dark chocolate ice cream!

And some recipes that might never make it to this blog, such as my Hubby’s afternoon tea (picture right below). 

“Hubby's afternoon tea. Mango iced tea & Salami on Brie and wheat cracker.”

You also get to see what I consume everyday!  hahaha…guess no one is really interested in that, I’m just throwing that in as a bonus.  Smile So, join me for some fun on Instsgram.  Add me and I’ll definitely follow you back as I’m always up to see what inspires you and what’s up in your neck of the woods.

“Home made extra dark chocolate ice cream.....yum...”

For now, please enjoy the rest of my pictures….they are listed as the most recent from top to bottom.  Smile  Take care, until my next recipe post on this gorgeous Roasted Root Vegetables Salad below!

Today's lunch....roasted root vegetables salad.“Today's lunch....roasted root vegetables salad.”

“Today's breakfast ...Meyer lemon curd on bread. So good!”

“Delicious Peking duck....”

“Hubby's afternoon tea....pb-stuffed French toast and iced milk tea.”

“Turns out, I need a Sunday cocktail too....between baskets of laundry. :)”

Best way to enjoy a watermelon....just cut it in half and dig in!“Best way to enjoy a watermelon....just cut it in half and dig in!”'

“Preping tonight's dinner....romaine hearts, grape tomatoes, havarti cheese, cranberries, kalamata olives, avocados, caschews, serve with Meyer lemon herb vinaigrette.”

“Friday cocktail...Meyer lemon juice+limoncello+ice+sprite=refreshing and delicious.”

“Hubby's afternoon tea set of the day. French pressed iced coffee, roast beef with spicy marmalade & Brie on wheat crackers, Meyer lemon macarons and hazelnut meringue sandwich cookies.”

“Teacher appreciation day gift part 2.”

“Made these sweetheart macarons for my son's teacher as teacher appreciation day gift. Part 1.”

“Another batch of Ham and cheese buns. Yum.”


  1. I've had the app downloaded on my phone since last year and I still haven't used it! I've gotta yet with it :) Love the pics!

    1. Get started, I'll be your first follower. ;)

  2. are those heart shaped macarons!? yummm

    XO Sahra

    1. Yes, Sahra. Here's the link to the recipe.

  3. Amazing pics, will be following you in instagram!!! :)

  4. Following you on instagram!

    1. Thanks for following. :) Happy "clicking"!

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