Friday, September 23, 2016

Easy Halloween Treats – DIY Oreo Owls

I know there’s still more than a month away from Halloween.  However, I learned from my previous experience that it’s always a good thing to plan things ahead.  If you’re also a last minute person like I am, you probably knew that most of the stores ran out of costume sizes and styles a couple of weeks before Halloween, every single year!  I mean, seriously?  Well, that happened to me more than once.  So I took a mental note to myself, “let’s make running around frantically for a last minute Halloween costume search a thing of the past!”  Besides costumes, I’m also planning the treats in advance as well.

How to DIY Halloween Treats -  Oreo Owls

If you attend or host a Halloween party, or plan to bring treats to the kids’ school parties, you know the festive treats are just as important as the costumes!  Today, I want to save you a few hours of Pinterest search and share this fun and easy DIY Halloween Treat with you: The Oreo Owls!  whoo…whoo…whoo…?  Sorry for the cheesy introduction, I couldn’t help it!   This Oreo Owl treat is super simple to prepare and kids will definitely love the ingredient list.  Have you watched the video tutorial (at the beginning of the post)?  If not, you’ve got to watch it until the end because there’s a little surprise that you don’t want to miss!  I hope you like today’s video and DIY treat.  Please stay tuned for another fun treat next week!  Stay sweet!

How to DIY Halloween Treats -  Oreo Owls

Ingredients Used:

Vanilla Pizzelle Cookies (Click here for more information)
Chocolate Pizzelle Cookies (Click here for more information)
 (Click here for more information)

Oreo Cookies
 (Click here for more information)

 (Click here for more information)

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Oreo Owls:
Makes: 6 Owl Cookies

12 Oreo Cookies
18 M&Ms or any small size  candy coated chocolate
6 Pizzelle Cookies
6 teaspoons Nutella

Gently split all the Oreo cookies in half.  The ones with the cream will be the eyes.  Reserve 6 of the plain cookies and cut them in halves in the middle to create the eyebrows. 

Spread about a teaspoon of Nutella on the upper half of the Pizzelle cookies.  Place 2 Oreo cookies onto the Pizzelle cookie (for the eyes), with the cream side facing up.  Place the Oreo halves above the eye areas as the eyebrows, cut side down. 

Place an M&M in the middle and right below the eyes as the nose.  Two more M&Ms for the eyeballs and that’s it.  Enjoy!

How to DIY Halloween Treats -  Oreo Owls