Friday, January 27, 2017

How to Make Parchment Pastry Bag – for Cake Decorations

In just a few short weeks, it’ll be Valentine’s Day.  Do you and your sweetheart celebrate?  I usually make a special dinner and dessert at home to celebrate.  If you will be preparing a special dessert at home, I have a wonderful recipe for you coming very soon on the blog soon.  You’ve guessed it right, it’s the Classic Tiramisù that you see in the pictures below.  But before that, I wanted to show you how to make the white chocolate decorations on top first!

How to Make Parchment Pastry Bag – for Cake Decorations

Instead of using a regular pastry bag to pipe the chocolate decorations, a smaller one that’s made with parchment paper would be a better option in this case.  That way, you can use just a small amount of melted chocolate or icing instead of a big batch.  Besides, you can also cut out the size of the tip to tailor to your needs.  Remember! The bigger the cut, the thicker the line/drawing it will be for your decorations.  I’ll also post the link below on how to temper chocolate for your reference.   

How to Make Parchment Pastry Bag – for Cake Decorations

If you haven’t done so, be sure to check out the video tutorial above to see how to make the pastry bag.  It’s the perfect decorating tool for cakes and treats.  I hope you enjoy today’s quick video tutorial.  Stay tuned for the Tiramisù recipe soon. 

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How to Make Parchment Pastry Bag – for Cake Decorations  http://uTry.itq

Tools and Ingredients Used:

Parchment Pastry Bag (Click here for more Information)

White chocolate (Click here for more information)

Pink Pearl Dust (Click here for more information)

Click here to read more about tempering chocolate:


  1. ADORABLE!! thanks, now we know how to make these cute little heart chocolates- and just in time for Valentines! xo

    1. You're most welcome. Yes, perfect way to decorate your V-Day treats. ;)